Blog: How does Insight as a Service (IAAS) help improve revenues?

With the introduction of new telephony services in the ICT market it is essential for businesses to really be aware of what their ICT services are costing at the end of the month.

Being able to monitor calls (mobile and fixed), see text and skype interactions throughout the business, having immediate visibility through wall boards and to understand when someone is dialing premium rate telephone numbers; helps businesses to easily identify areas that need to be monitored to help focus on reducing costs and increasing revenues.

The benefit of Insight as a Service (IAAS) is that all these features and information should all be presented in one easy to view online portal. Providing access to the insights that are specific and relevant to each business.

By having immediate access to the communication levers in a business, it is easier to reduce unnecessary time and effort to monitor or collate information manually, enabling the business to focus on higher-level strategy issues instead of monitoring activities that may or may not be an issue.

Companies can use Insight as a Service (IAAS) to focus on the business issues and to be comfortable that the insight levers being automatically monitored through the portal will help them to focus on the activities that will result in sustained growth.