Blog: How will Insight as a Service (IAAS) give you one view of your network?

The reality in today’s world is that data is king. However, with so many different data formats and so much data available, businesses need to have a way to access all the data with one holistic view of both their own and their customers environment. How Can You Use Insight as a Service (IAAS)? A […]

Blog: How will Insight as a Service (IAAS) help keep networks secure?

We live in a world that is ruled by big data and analytics. And the truth is that this makes it a big challenge for businesses. After all, they want to take the most value out of the data that is being collected. One of the things that have been making a huge difference between companies […]

Blog: What does Insight as a Service (IAAS) mean for businesses?

All businesses need a high-level view of how insights will fit into their short and longer term future plans, but with technology businesses it’s even more important to ensure that the manual repetitive processes are converted into pro-active insight updates trigger for when the insight information identifies an issue that is about to arise. This […]

Blog: How does Insight as a Service (IAAS) help improve revenues?

With the introduction of new telephony services in the ICT market it is essential for businesses to really be aware of what their ICT services are costing at the end of the month. Being able to monitor calls (mobile and fixed), see text and skype interactions throughout the business, having immediate visibility through wall boards […]

Infographic: Insight Driven Networks

Take a look at our latest Infographic that explains why Insight as a Service is important for businesses to utilise. Click here to download our Insight as a Service Infographic PDF

Blog: Insight Driven Technologies – The Future is Here

Analytics are absolutely everywhere, and any business unable to compile their data quickly and effectively through portals and interfaces will be stuck, wasting time on manual processes each time something goes wrong in their network. For ICT and Telecoms customers, speed is everything. Organizations must adapt and find better, faster ways of getting an overview […]