Blog: How will Insight as a Service (IAAS) give you one view of your network?

The reality in today’s world is that data is king. However, with so many different data formats and so much data available, businesses need to have a way to access all the data with one holistic view of both their own and their customers environment.

How Can You Use Insight as a Service (IAAS)?

A problem that some companies experience is while they have access to a large amount of data, the data is fragmented across the business. As a result, no one has a proper view of what’s happening across all their customers networks. Ultimately, some companies are not able to get the most out of their data or be as proactive as they need to be to maintain competitive advantage.

If you currently deploy a CRM, you probably feel that you have everything covered already, whereas the truth is that CRM’s only go part of the way to creating a full picture. This is where Insight as a Service (IAAS) comes into place, as it uses a full holistic insight approach.

What Insight as a Service (IAAS) Does?

When you are using an Insight as a Service (IAAS) platform, instead of all the data being fragmented, you have a secure single portal to sign into which supports both customers and platform partners to view their relevant records, insights and trends.

When integrating IAAS and AI (Artificial Intelligence) you combine Insight as a Service (IAAS) with machine learning algorithms and automation resulting in a very powerful resource that all companies should deploy.

Insight as a Service – Affordability

While its understandable that not all companies can adopt a complete Insight as a Service (IAAS) environment, the truth is that if you have a smaller company or a limited budget, you can still take advantage of a one view cloud system that meets your business and budget needs.

One of the best things about using an IAAS cloud platform is the fact that the solutions are always evolving – providing a secure platform for now and the future all in one easy to view portal.