Blog: How will Insight as a Service (IAAS) help keep networks secure?

We live in a world that is ruled by big data and analytics. And the truth is that this makes it a big challenge for businesses. After all, they want to take the most value out of the data that is being collected. One of the things that have been making a huge difference between companies is the way they are combining both structured and unstructured data. And this is called Insight as a Service (IAAS).

Over the last couple of years, we have been realizing that data just keeps getting bigger and bigger and is being generated from many different sources at an incredibly fast rate. So, it is normal that most businesses don’t have the ability to keep all this data secured in a safe place or have easy access to analyse it for information purposes.

This is where Insight as a Service (IAAS) can help businesses.


What Is Insight as a Service (IAAS)?

Simply put, Insight as a Service (IAAS) is a cloud-based service that allows you to have insights, trends and provides businesses with the steps to take in order to leverage the information gleaned, to help reach their business goals.

In Telecoms, Insight as a Service (IAAS) can be offered in many different ways that include improving business productivity, easily managing multiple locations, call recording requirements, mobile and fixed line utilisation, business process improvement services, and overall provide a view of where the business communications need reviewing.


The different ways to use Insight as a Service to be more secure;

When you choose to use Insight as a Service (IAAS), businesses need to understand that there are some key areas to help ensure the business network is secure.


#1: Current situation:

This is where the information available is collated into one easy to view online portal. At a glance this information helps businesses to understand what’s working, what isn’t, whether there are any security issues, it also enables businesses to easily identify network usage trends, and premium rate calls through a simple administrative management portal.


#2: Self management:

Providing an easy to use End User portal to businesses, enables them to quickly and effectively manage their own needs. From redirecting lines, activation of new mobile and landline numbers, activation of call recording by individuals or groups all the way through to establishing correct hunt groups for their business.

An additional set self-management features are the end user business wall boards which give an immediate snapshot on the status of their business and can even highlight to show exceptions and analysis.


#3: Security:

The key areas where IaaS helps keep networks secure are in predictive analytics, enhanced visibility of the infrastructures, less human intervention and errors, analysis of services deployed and automated and real time Data, insights, analytics, and the best practices are then combined to ensure that they are able to provide actionable insights for your specific industry. This is also made taking into account the business goals.